Womb wonders

Discover the truth about your womb and unlock the tremendous power that is hidden inside of her.

5 day
womb guidance
a free gift from my womb and heart to yours

It's a
simple, effective and unique opportunity for you to come to a better understanding of your womb and yourself.

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    I guide you as a woman to reconnect with your womb, your sensual self and your feminine essence

    Over 50 women have gone through this 5 day guidance and experienced how quick and effective this mini course is. Are you joining us?

    How does it work?

    You will receive a daily video of startling value on the topic of the day in your mailbox.

    Think of guidance, meditation, rituals and invitations. Each video will last between 11 - 33 minutes and will come with some journal prompts.

    In short: Womb Wonders inspires you how to easily create a valuable relationship with your womb which will have remarkable results and outcomes in your daily life.

    What will you learn?

    • DAY 1: Womb ritual - releasing, cleansing & homecoming

    • DAY 2: The inner seasons in the feminine cycle

    • DAY 3: Shadow work: journaling and reflecting

    • DAY 4: Reframing pleasure

    • DAY 5: Becoming